About Us

Know About Ticketify

Ticketify is an online travel agency (OTA) with Web and Mobile Apps which not only actively searches and provides the most reliable airline bookings, but also compares prices on a variety of service providers to enable you to make an informed decision on price among other features.

Our aim is to make global corporate travel management more personalized and seamless. And we do this through a network of exceptional localand international Airlines that are not only leaders in their own respective markets, but who also meet the high operating and service standards needed to become a top trusted airline.
we specialize in flight bookings. Our staff is dedicated to connecting our customers with amazing Airlines around the world, all at a price that suits their needs. We will happily work with you to plan your dream flight or corporate trip that meets both your budget and experience goals, whatever they may be!

Why Book With Us?

OTA's (Online Travel Agents) have dominated the market for over 10 years giving consumers headaches for years by attaching hidden fees, giving you a false sense of savings where there really is none due to the OTA agreements that are in place to make sure these companies can never compete against each other, and the use of predictive analytics to boost rates on your vacation based on how many times you search for a specific flight or click on a link.